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A Trip To All The Beautiful Beaches of Alibag

The beautiful coastal town Alibag is a weekend gateway place from the hustle and bustle of the city. The beautiful sandy beaches with the amazing natural beauty are what attract the travellers from all parts of India to Alibag. There are in total 13 beaches present in and around Alibag, with Alibag Beach being the main beach of the coastal town. All these beaches are unique in some way considering the sand texture, location, plantations etc. The Arabian Sea looks different from each of the beaches. Some of these beaches hold some historical remnants which are not to be missed.

Some Popular Beaches in Alibag

Alibag Beach

Beaches in Alibag

The Alibag beach is just about a kilometre away from the main state transport bus depot and is extended to about 3 to 4 kms to the west of the main Alibag town. The beach is flat in nature and is covered with hard textured sand which is a mix of golden and black. A walk on the beach is a pleasant experience when travelers can enjoy the strong sea breeze, the gorgeous Sun and the sparkling waves which run below one’s feet.

The long stretched rows of coconut and palm grove trees add to the beauty. But the best part of the Alibag beach is the sight of the mighty Kolaba Fort or Kulaba Fort at a distance in the sea. During low tides a walk to the Kolaba Fort is quite adventurous. Horse rides are also available during these times. During high tides, tourists can avail boats to the historic fort and enjoy the submerged view of the Maratha supremacy.

The approach road to the beach is a long and winding one with coconut plantations on both sides. The road passes through all the major landmarks of the Alibag town like the main market, Civil Hospital, Zilla Parishad Building, Post Office and Town library. Patches of Cypress farms are visible scattered on the beach. Due to the flatness of the beach people can enjoy different water sport activities over here. Horse cart rides can be enjoyed by families and children.

Small tents and beach chairs are available on rent. The beach front is crowded with small shacks selling different mouth watering local delicacies and chats. Bhelpuri, Vada Pav, Tender Coconut water and many more delicacies are available. People can try out yummy sea fish, prawn and sea shell fries at small stalls. Few beach resorts are lined up by the side of the beach and are always crowded throughout the year. These resorts are quite luxurious and booking should be done in advance to get a place over these places.

Littering on the beach is banned. In spite of the huge tourist crowd, Alibag Beach has remained pretty clean and pollution free till today.

Thal Beach

Beaches in Alibag

The mesmerizing coastal town Alibag is placed inside the Raigad district of Maharashtra and is an amazing place with a mix of lovely sunny beaches, serene nature and historical Maratha architectures. This town is also popularly termed as the “Mini Goa” and is just about 2 to 3 hours’ drive from Mumbai or Bombay and Pune. This place ideal as a weekend destination and can be reached easily by state buses or private cars or even through waterways from Gateway of India.

The best thing of Alibag is its thirteen lovely and long stretched beaches which surround the entire region. Thal Beach is one of the less populated beaches of Alibag and it is located at about 5 kilo meters away from the main Alibag town. The beach is a flat one with hard textured golden and black sand covered. It is relatively quiet and clean as less commercialisation has happened over here. From this sea beach the historic Khanderi and Underi sea forts are visible, standing at two distant islands, 5 kilo meters off the coast inside the vast ocean.

The beach is an age old one and was found out by Maharaj Shivaji during his campaign to the Konkan area. The Udheri sea fort was also formed by Shivaji in the year 1659 after he won almost the entire Konkan region, to remain protected from any enemy attacks. The Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers (RCF) plant, the first industry of the entire Alibag region is located just beside the Thal Beach. One can see the rugged hilly tracks of the Western Ghats just beside this beach and on top of a nearby hill is the famous Datta Mandir. Many pilgrims trek to the top or can reach by car to pay homage to this temple.

Tourist crowd is less over here and there are many fishermen hut just beside the beach. This beach is the home of the Koli fishermen and there are huge fishing centres at this beach. Tourists can bargain and buy some good quality sea fishes from these fishermen.

Varsoli Beach

Beautiful beaches of Alibag

This quiet beach is around 1-2kms away from the main Alibag town and is the home for one of the largest Indian Navy base. The sparkling white sand along with the green natural vegetation, which surrounds the place, makes it appealing in the eyes of the nature lovers. The sea water is relatively clean and a bit rough, which is perfect for different kinds of extreme and adventurous water sports. The beach is named after the satellite Varsoli village of Raigad district, which is placed beside this long stretched beach. Some portions of the beach are rocky and some portions are crowded with coconut plantations. Densely populated Casuarina groves are spread across the seashore.

During weekends, Varsoli beach is swarming with tourists from neighboring cities like Mumbai and Pune and also from other parts of India. These tourists generally come due to the attraction of various water sports. “Aqua Marine Water Sports” is a company, who are responsible for all the thrills and chills for the tourists. They organize variety of water activities in the Arabian Sea for different ages. The most popular among them are the Banana Boat Ride and the Jet Ski scooters.

On the beach, travellers can enjoy ride on Sand Scooters. The local municipality has arranged for small showers and changing bathroom vans for people who love a bath in the sea water. For a mere charge of Rs 30/-, anybody can use them. To keep the beach clean from any litter many big beans are present along the side. The approach road to the beach is really narrow and is a problem for people to find a spot to park their cars. The best time to visit this beach is early morning and during sunset.

Akshi Nagaon Beaches

Akshi and Nagaon are basically two adjacent beaches around 7-8 kms away from main Alibag town. Akshi beach is especially popular for its flat sea beach which makes sea bathing less perilous. Both the beaches are relatively clean with silvery white sand. Walking barefooted on this sandy beach is quite alluring. A Trip To All The Beautiful Beaches of AlibagThe beaches are dotted with coconut and betel nut plantations and the swaying happening due to the strong sea wind makes this place peaceful and picturesque.

To the north of the Nagaon beach there are lines of ‘Suru tree’ which has got extended till the Akshi beach.  On the Akshi beach there stands an old monument which is presumed to be as old as 1012 AD and a visit inside this monument can be quite interesting for history buffs.

Due to its beautiful natural beauty and less crowd, the Akshi and Nagaon beaches are generally popular among movie, advertisements and TV serial shoots. There are few big and posh bungalows by the sides of these beaches for casts and crews to stay. When shooting is not happening, these bungalows are converted into home stays for tourists. Various water sports activity takes place at both the beaches along with horse cart and pony rides.

Kihim-Navgaon Beach

12 kms from Alibag town, the Kihim-Navgaon beach is a bird watchers’ paradise. Varieties of birds, butterflies and flowers can be found on and near the beach. The beach is covered with long Coconut trees. On the east side of this beach is the famous Kanakeshwar temple of Lord Shiva, placed on a small hillock. Trekkers frequently visit this beach for relaxation, before going on an adventure. By the side of this beach is an M.T.D.C resort owned by the Maharashtra government tourism department.

Awas-Saswane Beach

Around 16-18 kms away from Alibag beach are two small villages which are Awas and Saswane. By the side of these villages run the Awas-Saswane beach. This beach is small, clean and a bit secluded one, which makes this place popular among celebrities of Bollywood and businessmen of India. From this beach the Mumbai skyline is distantly visible.

Revdanda Beach

beaches in Alibag

Revdanda is a historically important village of Chaul, where Maharaja Shivaji ruled during his time. Many historical artifacts are visible of the bygone era. The beach here is isolated and the main specialty is the black sand which gives the beach a different aura. This beach is around 17 kms away from Alibag town and is filled up with Coconut and Betel Nut plantations. “Bakuli” a special aromatic flower is only available in abundance on the beach. A visit to the Revdanda beach is incomplete without a trip to the dilapidated Revdanda Fort, which is still standing in glory on the beach itself. The palm-fringed fortifications of this fort are a sight to watch as the waves continuously smash against it during the high tides. From here, you also get to see the mesmerizing views of a creek a the south and the glowing beach to the north.

Kashid Beach

The Kashid beach is about 36 kms away from Alibag and is placed beside the Alibag-Murud Highway. This beach is of white sparkling sand and the sea is extremely rough over here. Bathing in the sea is not allowed over here and one can see danger signs throughout the area. But the scenic beauty is unparallel. The beach and its surrounding areas are a hub of varied flora, birds and butterflies. The nature is at its best over here. The calmness and cleanliness is perfect for nature lovers. Camping options are available over here. Drinking on the beach is not entertained by the local authority. There are small food stalls which serve local yummy sea foods. From Kashid Beach one can pay visit to the Murud-Janjira Fort with the help of small boats or ferries which stands tall inside the huge Arabian Sea.

Korlai Beach

Best Beaches of Alibag

Adjoining to the ancient Portuguese village Korlai Creole, stands the beautiful Korlai Beach. This beach has an amazing mix of black and white sand along with an amazing surrounding green nature. The beach is a part of this village and is generally an empty one with very less commercialization. The Korlai Fort, which stands portraying the Portuguese rule on Indian land, is just beside the beach. This beach is like an incredible canvas for the shutterbugs.

There are many other small beaches in and around Alibag, which are all equally beautiful with their serene natural beauty.

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